The History of Wat Muen Sarn in Wua Lai Village


This temple was built by King Sam Fung Kaen, the 8th King of the Mangrai Dynasty, in B.E. 1981 (1438). It is a temple of the Cylonese Buddhist School like Wat Suan Dok. In the reign of King Tilokarat, the 9th King of the Mangrai Dynasty, the grandson of the Abbot of Wat Suan Dok at that time was appointed, by the King, to become the Abbot of Wat Muen Sarn. This incident shows that Wat Muen Sarn was an important temple for the Chiang Mai kings – a place for education and for interpretation of many royal documents. At present, Prakru Sutthijittapirat is the Abbot of the Temple.