The Silver Ubosot at Wat Sri Suphan

Silver Ubosot at Wat Sri Suphan

Initiated by the present Abbot of Sri Suphan Temple, together with Wua Lai villagers, the silver Ubosot was built in B.E. 2547 (2004) to replace the old Ubosot. With a need to exhibit the existing work of the Wua Lai silver-making community, the Ubosot was built of silver, nickel and aluminum (due to the fact that Rupi silver and Hang silver are rare and expensive) under the supervision of Mr. Direk Sithikarn. The decoration of the Ubosot is in both the Wua Lai and Thai Rattanakosin styles. There are also pictures depicting Buddhist puzzles in this Ubosot of Praputthapathiharn.