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Apart from distinguish the silverware by usability, We can also distinguish the silverware by material. which are

1. Silver: The silverware which contain 92.5 – 99.9% of silver can be called the “Pure Silver”. In Thailand, the weight of silver 15.2 gram, we call 1 silver Baht. (same weight as gold in Thailand) So we usually call the weight of silver utensil in silver baht for example the small silver bowl weights 5-10 silver baht, the medium silver bowl weights 10 silver baht and the big silver bowl usually weights 20-50 silver baht.

2. Aluminum: The big souvenirs are mostly made of aluminum which are;

1) Aluminum Plate

2) Home / Temple Decoration

3) Jewelry

4) Souvenir

5) Model of animals or utensils for home decor

Types of Silver Products

1. Utensil such as bowl, plate, purse, etc…

2. Jewelry: necklace, bracelet, pendant, etc…

"Precious Stone" Rings

3. Artwork Metal Plate