Ms.Jintana Katkaew

JintanaKJintana Katkaew

Address 123 Nantharam road,  Hai Ya, Mueang, Chiang Mai

Telephone 084-0431317

Jintana Kankaew is originally from Wua Lai district where she was born. She has been familiar with silverware since she was young because this is her parents’ business. After her marriage, she moved into her husband’s house on Nuntharam road, and, later, convinced her husband’s family to run a silverware utensil production business. Her business produces the products on a made-to-order basis for shops in Wua Lai district. At the end of each year (during August and September), there will be a high volume of orders due to the retirement period as the customers’ order the products for using as souvenirs. Her main product line is bowls, water containers, trays and plates.