Mr.Suparp Charoenpakdee

SuparpMr.Suparp Charoenpakdee

Address 111 Soi 1, Wua Lai road, Hai Ya, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50100

Telephone 087-1932793, 053-200378

Suparp has learned about silverware production from his father since he was young. After his graduation from a high school, he began his career in silverware business. At the beginning, he worked as a craftsman at a shop in Wua Lai district. Later, he started his own business, offering a custom-made service to shops and individual customers, and selling his own product on the walking street every Saturday and Sunday. Suparp received an honorable award for producing an aluminum vase, which was selected as a ‘Four Star” product from the OTOP contest in 2006. His outstanding works include home decorations and utensils, such as bowls, trays, and other containers.

"Acacia flowers" Silver Jar

“Acacia flowers and 12 Zodiac Symbols”  Jar

"Acacia flowers and 12 Zodiac Symbols" tray with pedestal

“Acacia flowers and 12 Zodiac Symbols” tray with pedestal

Silver Bowl

Silver Bowl