Mr.Monthon Tanyawan

MontonMr.Monthon Tanyawan

Address Sri Suphan Temple 100 Wua Lai road, Hai Ya, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50100

Telephone 083-1541436

Monthon Tanyawan has learned about the production of silverware from relatives in Wua Lai community since an early age. Thus, he feels attached to Wua Lai silverware, and wants to preserve this knowledge. Therefore, he entered into the business by producing metal plates on a custom-made basis. The main customers of his shop are both individuals and the shops in the district. The variety of the product patterns includes Hinduism deities, such as Ganesha or ‘Phra Pikanate’, and various images from literatures. The special feature of these product is the low prices.

“Ganesha: the God of wisdom and difficulty” metal work

“Ganesha: the God of wisdom and difficulty” metal work