Mr.Jirasilp Mungklasri

JirasilpJirasilp Mungklasri

Address 75/1 Wua Lai road, Hai Ya, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50100

Telephone 085-6230107

Jirasilp Mungklasri has been a silversmith for over 10 years. He has involved silverware since his childhood. Although he had a good career at the Chiang Mai Provincial Electricity Authority, he resigned for work, and began his silverware business as he has a passion for arts and saw that production of silverware can be as well a good career. His particular expertise is bowl imprint, tray with pedestal, and silverware jewelry. His business offers the service of imprint work, on a custom-made basis, with materials, such as copper alloy, brass, and copper.

Metal imprint work

Metal imprint work