This temple was built by King Muang Keaw of the Mangrai Dynasty in B.E. 2043 (1500). The main hall, the pagoda and the chapel were built later in B.E. 2052 (1509), and the Praputthapathiharn Buddha image (former called Pra Chao Jed Tue) was taken to be enshrined in the chapel, where it remains to this day.

Miracle Buddha

In B.E. 2537 (1994), Prakru Pitaksutthikhun, the present Abbot, together with Wua Lai villagers, restored the main hall and painted murals in the hall. The paintings mainly depict the twelve zodiac symbols; a unique pattern used in Wua Lai silverware. The painting work was led by Mr. Chaiporn Phongpak, the head craftsmen, and carried out in corporation with artists from several countries such as Japan, England, Canada and the US. Later, in B.E. 2550, an Ancient Lanna Arts Study Center was built at Wat Sri Suphan, to act as a silver arts learning center for a new generation of craftsmen.